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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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elderly women home alone. >> this guy is a robber. >> reporter: she is one of six victims. with the help of her daughter she described how a man claimed to be a contractor hired by the owner to work on the fence. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i said what, you know the name of the owner. >> reporter: police say an accomplice slipped in and stole jewelry. valuable items given to her 50 years ago. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they come, my bracelets, three gold rings with diamonds. and bracelets. >> a fencing scam. >> reporter: police released two sketches and surveillance video, two white and hispanic males. >> they dress up in a white t-
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shirt, khaki pants, pretend to look official. they will carry a walkie- talkie. >> reporter: they appear to have research the names of neighbor whose share the fences and the hours the victims are home alone. the family tells her never to open the door to strangers. [ speaking foreign language ] >> people coming to broke in your house. >> reporter: san francisco police say all six victims lost thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash. their advice to contact your neighbors first and contact the company the contractors claim to be working for before letting anyone in. >> david stevenson live in san francisco, thank you. now to new developments in the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the data recorder shows the rain was going 106 miles per hour when the emergency breaks were applied moments before the train jumped the tracks. that speed double the speed limit for that stretch of track that included a turn.
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we learned today the engineer once worked in the bay area. gasia mikaelian with the latest. >> reporter: cal train is telling us the engineer was an amtrak employee who worked on caltran trains in the bay area. they said it was prior to 2011. the team of federal investigators has been on the scene all day along with crews operating heavy equipment to move the wreckage. the del toll trees 7 with 200 people injured. the train was traveling from washington, d.c. to new york city when all 7 cardize railed about 930 -- cars derailed about 9:30 p.m. last night. people thrown against walls and luggage flying through the air. some passengers had to climb out of the windows to escape
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twisted train cars. >> all of a sudden my head hit the window. it was going down. >> i saw people on the street behind us walking off of that train. and i don't know how that happened but for the grace of god. >> reporter: we learned today the tracks did not have new safety technology that slows trains when they are moving too fast. the rail industry must adopt that technology by the end of the year and investigators say if the measure was in place, this accident would have never happened. >> gasia mikaelian in the news room, thank you. in gilroy, police say the driver of a crash that killed four people was drunk when the incident happened. ktvu's azenith smith reports three victims were in high school. >> reporter: family, friends and classmates gathered to say
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a prayer for the four people who died in seconds. these two girls went to high school with one of the victims. >> reporter: h knowing that she had three weeks left, she would have graduated with us. [ crying ] she should have been there with us. >> it is a tragedy for gilroy. for the families and the community. >> reporter: chp says around 10:30 p.m. tuesday night 5 people wereane 1997 ford -- were in a 1997 ford mustang when the driver failed to turn right at a curve, instead it crashed. all four passengers died. all but one were wearing seatbelts. the driver suffered major
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injuries. chp says he was driving under the influence. the superintendent of the school district says grief counselors were on hand to help students and staff coming to term that they are gone. >> it is hard for such young kids to go and for us having to deal with it, it is hard. >> the driver faces dui charges and could face vehicular manslaughter charges. the district hasn't lost a student in a car accident in a decade. now they lost three students in one day. in gilroy, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. police say one of the suspects involved in a terrifying home invasion robbery caught on surveillance video turned himself in. here is the video. they captured the men arming themselves with knives and going through the house. it happened last friday in san
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jose. when the suspects got up stairs they realized two women and a baby locked themselves in a room. you can see what happens here. the suspect tries to kick down the door. today one of the suspects, a 17- year-old turned himself in. police arrested him and took him to juvenile hall. an 11-year-old boy is in the hospital after collapsing. his family says he had no health problems and now doctors are trying to figure out what happened and why. ktvu's noelle walker has this story new at 6:00 p.m. >> fun loving kid. big heart. >> reporter: he is like any other 11-year-old boy. >> a kid that is full of life. >> reporter: the picture of health. a kid with a smile to light opphoto and a spirit to make dusty baseball diamond hine.
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he was aural -- shine. >> reporter: he was warming up wednesday when suddenly a healthy little boy was fighting for his life. >> threw up on the field and collapsed. just came out of nowhere. >> reporter: this was dillon after he was airlifted to children's hospital wednesday. in a medically induced coma. the family at his bed side. >> you would never think of anything like that happening to any kid. especially one that is in good condition. >> i mean, they have no idea. >> reporter: till doctors can figure out why he collapsed, his uncle is trying to lift the family up to help with expenses. >> been amazing. >> reporter: a go fund me page raised $26,000 so far. >> friends have been amazing. >> reporter: he is still with his little league phillies sitting on the bench for now. >> i have a lot of faith that
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he will be okay. i think it is a minor set back for this kid. >> reporter: everyone is pulling for his return in the rotation. >> can't wait for him to come home. >> reporter: noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the wet weather that is heading our way. you can see from these live pictures in san jose the clouds are already rolling in. our chief meteorologist bill martin is with us now. how much rain are we talking about? >> maybe a quarter inch to a half inch. which is a lot of rain for this time of year. in the mountains 2 feet of snow. winter storm warning up there tomorrow. big deal. late season storm. it is unusual to have one that would produce this much shower activity. maybe a sprinkle here or there. but perhaps half inch, inch of rain in some places. and that would be unusual. what is the story? chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. i think the focus of this, i
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know the focus will be redwood city south. into southern california. heaviest rain is south of santa rosa. winter storm warning in the mountains. here is what it looks like tomorrow morning. that is heavy stuff. east of cokeland. right now the heaviest -- oakland. right now the heaviest rain, this is just the morning commute. when i come back, there is more rain as well as snow in the mountains. i will see you after the break. make sure you done load the ktvu weather app to get the latest on the storm. the city of palo alto is putting new water conversation rules into effect to meet a 24% reduction by june 1. it limits watering to 2 days a week over night. there are rules on the use of recycled water when possible
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and violations for leaks and run off. you can read more about the rules on click on the california drought tab. every drop counts during a drought and now residents are getting their water for free. the program making it possible but you could only use the water for certain things. >> steph curry and the golden state warriors trying to take command of the series. you will hear from the warriors super star and what the a's did this afternoon, all the sports in a couple minutes. >> and if you are heading to the game, a look at the community, interstate 880. traffic not too bad. heavy in the south direction. north bound, looking okay at this hour. >> highway 237. car towards the screen are eastbound. back with more after this.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ security cameras at the bloomingdale store show the latest smash and grab burglary in the bay area. they backed the red jeep through the doors about 4:00 a.m. three men rushed inside and broke display cases and made off with jewelry. they are checking to see how much. it lasted a minute and then the three suspects jumped back into the jeep and along with a 4th person drove away. the jeep was found nearby. it was reported stolen yesterday. police say the video doesn't reveal a lot about the thieves because they are wearing hoodies. free water in the east bay.
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it is available to anyone who wants it but there is a catch. users have to sign up for a special program and transport the water themselves. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us demand is going through the roof. >> reporter: it takes 550 gallons to water his lawn. he turns on the hose twice a week and has no regrets. >> i like my lawn. yep. makes everything look good. >> reporter: he uses recycled water. >> it is treated waste water. >> safe water. not not approved for drinking. >> reporter: he pulls up and fills up a 275-gallon tank in his truck. he drives his supply of water back home and once he gets there hooks ophose -- up a hose. he heard about the program from
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a friend but he decided to sign up after an eye opening day on his job. >> the lake was down 30 feet. >> reporter: he signed up for the free recycled program. the number of users doubled in the past month. >> in april we had 91 users and now we are up to 244. >> reporter: in the first 12 days of the month they gave away a quarter million gallons. to stave off questions from neighbors, they picked up a new sign. >> let neighbors know they are being responsible. this isn't drinking water. >> reporter: it is free irrigation water. instead of going down the drain it is giving new life to lawns. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. some lawns still looking nice and green. if you look you will see it is
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not real. in sacramento this man is using green paint -- >> good looking yard. >> looks real. on to the lawn there. the goal is to give it a man cured look. she not the first to do this. golf courses and sports stadium painted their grass green for years. >> july, six weeks to 8 weeks out of it. i call it the 10-footer. 10 feet away it looks natural. >> he says it is non-toxic. he says it is also safe for pets and kids to play on. i wonder if you walk on it -- [ talking at the same time ] that -- looks great. >> yeah. my lawn i have the dandy lions -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] . >> great idea. we have rain coming. going to help out the lawns. you will get a couple weeks of green with this rain that is
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coming. we will see half inch of rain. maybe more. bounds where you are -- depends where you are. hillsides are brown. little bit of green. we have had a couple small rain events the last few weeks. the temperatures today, cooler than yesterday. lots of 60s. low 60s, upper 60s. tomorrow temperatures about the same despite the cloud cover. we have rain in northern california. heavier stuff up here, east of ukiah. west of chico. look here. here is the system. comes down tomorrow and brings us a wet day. keeps going. through the bay area friday. the mountains will be the beneficiary of rain. and also from monterey south, big sur, a lot of rain. some models suggest 2 inches of
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rain in san diego. if that transpires, if san diego gets a couple inches of rain, they will have problems down there. there is the forecast. the morning commute. right? that is the real deal. afternoon, noon time. keeps go. all the rain keeps moving. and then there is the afternoon commute. it will be interesting day. within all this you will see a chance for thunderstorms as well. makes sense. warm. doing mid-60s tomorrow. sun comes out. instability, the moist air starts to rise and become convective. a chance of thunderstorms. mountains clear out. weekend looks fine. something on saturday. but the mountains clear out quickly. not before the winter storm warning goes into effect. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you are traveling up there, people camp up there, not going to be a good weekend to be up
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there. not weekend, 48 hour period, six inches to a foot of snow, as much as 2 feet of snow towards yosemite. highs like today. cooler. and know tomorrow morning's commute slow. tomorrow afternoon, slower. hay fever sufferers get a break. and we get rain. snow in the mountains. that is destined for the reservoirs. >> thank you. >> snow in the mountains. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. look at this. warning out for local boaters to watch out for three humpback whales that were swimming in the bay. sky fox 2 captured two whales enviedio this morning. -- on video this morning. people say a third whale was spotted close to sausalito. the coast guard is asking boaters to be careful.
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and it is illegal it follow, or approach them or speed up in their presence. the way get news on facebook is changing. it will allow users to click on a newspaper, magazine article inside facebook. instead of being redirected. experts say the real reason is smart phones. till now facebook launches a web browser when you click on a link. >> facebook invented snow fall, now you click the clink and you are still in facebook and you are looking at this content. >> facebook has 1.4 billion users and more than a billion have that mobile app. the warriors and grizzlies are getting ready for the start of game 5 coming up in an hour. we will have a live report with
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mark ibanez and joe fonzi. >> now to the news room, gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36, the former san francisco political consultant appears in court on child pornography charges and the campaign to change water is moving behind bars. we are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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on the entire tempur-cloud collection! the memorial day sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ the roar of crashing waves kicked off the amgen tour of california today. the finish line 8 miles north. in between 107-miles of biking
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through wine country. after second place finishes in the first three finishes he won today's stage. the nba playoffs. we are closing in on game 5 between the warriors and the grizzlies and oracle will be crazy tonight. time to check in with mark ibanez and joe fonzi who are live on the court. hey guys. >> reporter: we were just laughing. the memphis grizzlies warming up behind us. these are some big men. when you are watching on tv, you don't realize how huge they are. >> reporter: you don't know what it is like to stand next to a 7-footer till you stand next to a 7-footer. we have game 5 to talk about tonight. i think one of the keys, make sure steph curry is playing like the mvp that he is and he was in game four. he was subpar in games two and three for him as was klay thompson. in game four he didn't score in
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the first 8-1/2 minutes. he knows that in the playoffs, it is a momentum swing potentially on every game. >> reporter: yeah. definitely ready to bring his game. did his warm up and he talks about what he knows needs to happen. he is not taking it for granted just because they are on their home court this is an automatic "w." >> get a rhythm into the series and understand what we need to do to get the wins and keep pushing. not just get on the flight and showing up that it will lead it a win. you have to show up and put forth the effort meant tale and physical -- mentally and physically and pay attention to the details and the adjustments
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we made in game four and just focus on those things to get the win. >> reporter: i thought that is a great point. you can assume nothing in the playoffs. just because you tied it up and it is coming home doesn't mean you get a "w." they lost just three times here. two in the regular season. they will go at it tonight. earlier today, next door, the a's on the short end again, 1- 11 in day games. gray lost a heart breaker to the red sox 2-0 and the giants, like the way they played last night, rookies playing well, 10. lots of -- 1-0. lots of highlights at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. and coming up on the 10:00 p.m. news california's thirsty crops. the target for some because of
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how much water they require, especially almonds. are they draining california dry? we will look at that tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. save up to $300 on the cooling comfort of tempur-breeze. plus, get up to 36 months interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's
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